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Changed fob battery now no remote locking

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Ok, so my fob battery was showing signs of dying; needing to be pressed two or three times before activating the locking etc.

Swapped a new CR2032 in and straight away, I couldn't unlock from the remote. It took about 30 secs or so to make the swap, so thought maybe it might need reprogramming into the central locking/alarm system.

I put the system into program mode (switch ignition on/off 4 times in less than 3 seconds) which works fine (LED goes solid red) but it won't accept any presses from the key fob anymore :(

I tried disconnecting the alarm module (two plugs, blue and green) for 20 mins in case static on the aerial was preventing progamming but no joy :( I also noted that whilst the two plugs were disconnected I still got the pulsing red LED on the trip computer, not sure if this was meant to happen still?

I tried the old battery again in case the new one was dud but same result.

Any ideas anyone?
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I have been told that the battery needs to be swapped within ten seconds, or it will not work.

I do not know how true this is, but the local Ford dealer agreed with this.
it was for that very reason I took my key to them to have its battery changed, just in case I messed up.

Maybe it is just another way Ford get to rip us off, as I could buy the battery for under a quid, but they want about a fiver to make the swap.
I heard something similar, but it sounds ridiculous that the key fob would be rendered useless if the battery wasn't changed in enough time?

I wish I hadn't touched it now and just put up with having to hold the buttons down and press them loads of times :}
had the same problem mate,so i know how you feel,what i did in the end was put an upgraded alarm system in the end with extra features on it which im happy and more security...deano
Well, tried to reprogram the key again first thing this morning, and no result.

Took it apart again and tweaked the battery contacts with a screwdriver, and it works again :)

In the meantime though I ordered another fob from ebay for £15. Will be handy to have a spare as I should be able to program this for the central locking. But will an autolocksmith be able to clone my current PATS chip onto the new key so it can disarm the immobiliser too?

Cheers for any tips people :)
If you've got 2 separately programmed keys to the car, you can do it yourself, it's dead easy, if not an autolocksmith should hook your car up to a computer and add the keys. Bit more expensive but at least you would be able to do it in the future.
Hi mate, no I only got one key with the car. I asked the guy selling it about spares/master key etc and he looked blank.

My local autolocksmiths are a nice bunch and very helpful so hopefully won't be too much hassle :)
Glad you got sorted. I wish someone who knew a lot about car keys could add something on the wiki (not programming, but whether you do have to change the battery in a set time)
i had this problem but it wasnt the batter it turned out to be the contacts..

i striped and cleaned moved the contacts without anything.

so i soldered wires to the contacts (with enough wire so the battery can be changed if needed)

works perfect everytime now
You have to be quick when changing the two batterys in the IR Locking,But if you don't do it in time all it does is forget the code. If that happens all you need to do is follow the wiki and program the key again. With the RL You don't need to be as quick and have a Few minutes before it'll forget the code,again just follow the wiki if it does.
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