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changing needle colour

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Hi all i have got plasma dials which light up blue but still have the white needles
I have been searching around to see if i could change the colour of the needles and came across this

hopfully the link will work and i think i have an idea on how to do it but has this been done on a mondeo before and would anyone else have an idea on how yo do it

All the best Dave
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on mine i used red marker pen, but carefully.
Thanks for the quick reply mate but not what i was asking
In the video the needles light up blue using leds and when you turn the rev counter up to 4-5 rpm it changes to red
ah right i've looked at the vid now, pretty cool isnt it! i wonder how they do it.

using marker pen they do light up red, but obviously dont change colour like that.
cheers for that pic about what i was looking at
The only way i can think of is to fit leds behind the dials close to the needles and half way change the colour the video looks like its done this way
I think it would be different as i have never seen this before until i typed it in on youtube
heres a link he had on his youtube page hope it helps Link
Would imagine the colour change system works on resistance or similar that would change the LED colour.

Dont know how well it would work on the Mondeo as Im sure the needles dont get their own light source i.e. there is no bulb directly behind the center of the needles.

I took red needles from a Ford Focus to finish off my plasma dials.

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