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Changing wiper pattern

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Is there anyway to modify the wiper pattern? When I use the windscreen washer, I get three wipes (to clean the window), then a pause and a final wipe (apparently to smudge the window again). A bit annoying.

Any easy fixes or ways of reprogramming the behaviour?
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No. I worked at Ford when this change was introduced and tried to stop it then, but failed. Apologies.
I have to say I love this delayed final wipe. Get's rid of the dribbles!

Top tip to cleaning your windscreen...

Dribble on it?

Or is it just a hobby/fetish of yours?

:} :stir: :} :stir: :}
It does its job of cleaning up the dribbles for me and doesn't make things worse.
lol, where are these dribbles coming from? I have none and that might be the problem.... :p

btw 52graphite it is appreciated anyhow :)
Chilla, just wait until you get old....You will have more dribbles than you can handle!

As I am sure you know (all joking aside) the final wipe is to catch the water pushed upwards by the first three strokes, which if you are travelling slowly or stopped, then runs back down onto the windscreen (centre right of screen on a mondy from memory).

The real issue is that if the wipers are leaving the screen smeared, then the wipers are buggered.

The system on the Mercedes sprinter annoys me though, as it sprays the windscreen for a set time (too long), and so it is not possible to just give the windscreen a quick clear of dirt etc if suddenly you get the sun right in front of you.....End result is that all you can see for a few seconds are jets of water flooding the screen!
Yeah, I probably do need to change the blades on the wipers.

Also I reckon I don't get the dribble as the jets point low enough that the water only gets to the top of the wipers by being pushed up. Maybe if I point the jets higher the last stroke will be more pleasant :whistling:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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