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chassis codes?

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i have been making some inquiries into lowering kits and one guy has asked me do i have a BWY - what on earth is that - btw i have a 2000 w reg st24 hatchback , anyone know what this is - is it a BWY?
thanks in advance again lee :)
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BWY is a code some parts companies use to denote the Mark 3 Mondeo. I guess reading out of a catalougue he couldn't decide if a 2000 Mondeo was Mark 2 or Mark 3 as there was a crossover in 2000. Although with yours being an ST24 it should have given the game away......

For info the Mark 2 Hatch/Saloon is BAP and the estate is BNP
thanks very much indeed - top man !!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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