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Cheap Alloy wheel Refurbs

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Anyone know anybody good in the south of england (Kent/sussex or at a push essex) that can do my 17" ghias? got a few scuffs and a lot of discolouration between the spokes...
i'm on a tight budget so the best value the better!

Thanks in advance

also.. anyone got a ******* spoiler preferably in Ink blue they want to sell me :D
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Have you tried Lepsons? Somewhere in Kent. They don't do 'smart repairs', only do porper refurbs, but if you're having all 4 done, they may well give you a price about the same as having smart repairs done to them.

I've heard they're pretty good... I'm going to get my 18"s sent over to them when I can source some 'temporary' wheels so I can use my car in the meantime, as I kind of rely on it for my work.
called lepsons today.. 196 for all 4.. but i'm without wheels for a week :(
Rimtech in meopham kent are quoting me £160 for refurb and black chrome powder coat on 18 st alloys with RS owners discount.

Gonna do mine fairly soon. Im in greenhithe and might be able to lend you my old tit x 18's as a stop gap if needed.
Try PXWheels in Blackpool. They will send you a set of refurbed wheels and you send yours back to them so you don't get stuck without wheels.

I've just had a set from them and the finish is lovely and they were on my doorstep at 0830 on a Saturday morning! Price is approx £250 for the 17's I think.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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