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Dash cams, catch 'em out :)
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A while ago I bought a set of cheap gasket scrapers.

When they arrived they were even poor for cheap tools, I put them aside until I had time to sort them out.

The handles needed to be straightened out on the shafts, the blades weren't square, the coating on the shafts was so thick in places that it would have stopped the blades sitting level and they didn't really gave a sharp edge to the blades.

I finished sorting them yesterday, and finally gave them a nice sharp edge by using a honing guide and 1200 grit wet and dry paper.

The tools arrived in a vac formed plastic case, the kind of thing that would be fine just sat on a shelf, but has no real strength.

Today I used some surplus shadow foam and a 'really useful box' storage box to make a stronger case for the scrapers.

Original case, and home made case.

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