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cleaned egr but

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i cleaned the egr on a 2004 tdci 130 with 125000kms on the clock anyway i found the valve to be clean a slight build up but to be honest very little after reading the wiki i was expecting worse one thing tho when i took out the seal i only had a thin metal joint and no rubber seal it definately didnt fall out and i dont appear to have any leaks but i find it weird this joint was not in place has anyone got any thoughts on this? many thanks
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The EGR only has a thin metal gasket. As long as that is in place you won't have any trouble.
well thats reassuring i didnt clean the manifold as i didnt have the gaskets and the egr wasnt that dirty ive just read the post about the gaskets so ill get them before i redo the egr anyway many thanks for alll the invaluble advice :driving:
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