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Cleaning an intercooler

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I`ve read the Wiki guide for doing this, but as I have a spare intercooler, would it better to leave it soaking for a while or not, and could I use something other than petrol, its not coz of the price of petrol, it`s because I dont have a container that will resist the petrol that`s all, thanks in advance guys, Sean.
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plug one end up
pour petrol inside
plug other end up
tip to one side
store securely in the garden next to no combustable materials by laying it flat int he middle
make sure it doesn't leak

sorted :)
Cheers for that, any idea`s what I could use to plug up the ends with please :)
black bag and laggy band
i would just put the petrol in give it a shake and empty out then flush out with water to get rid of every thing the petrol loosnd up then do same again.if you are to put strait back on you must make sure its dry in side use a leaf blower or a hair dryer takes a little bit of time but worth it. i would have thought if you left it to settle then every thing would just settle again but i could be rong
Job done, bought a 2.5 litre can of gunk, plugged up the end as instructed, filled the inside it up and left it for around half an hour, tipped a little out and then soshed it about a good bit and tipped it out, then took it into the kitchen and gave it a really good blast of hot water and gave it a soak in the kitchen sink with more hot water and washing up liquid for about 20 minutes, then washed it out with more hot water, it`s now gleeming, infact I know this may sound a little sad, but I polished up the aluminum side, not quite a mirror finish, but not far off really, thanks for your advice guys :L
xxfordxx said:
Yeah come on, saying you've polished it means we wanna see it :)
Yep, no worries mate, i`ll do it very shortly :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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