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Cleaning Interior Cloth Seats

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Morning All,

I'm after some advice on cleaning my cloth seats on my car. They are looking really grubby with bad water marks and I'd like to get them back to looking their best. I can't really afford to not have the use of it as it's a daily driver.

Any advice (i.e upholstery cleaner, steam clean???)

The other thing I'm not sure about is that both front seats are electric, so I don't know how/if this will affect cleaning them.

Thanks in advance.

Lee :L
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Wait until warmer weather, and get a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. I have the grey and black one from Argos, and it's great for not much money. Then spray warm water onto the seats until the surface fabric is wet, and give them a good rub to loosen and dissolve the residue. Vacuum up as much of the water as possible, and leave to dry with the doors/windows open in the warm sun (remember that?).

You may need to repeat this a few times for really stubborn marks, or resort to very dilute APC (all-purpose cleaner, like Tesco's Daisy APC) solutions for dirt, or dilute white vinegar for scale.
Hi. I use a spray foam upholstery cleaner that is sold in Wilkinsons. It comes in a green aerosol can. It works really well. (my seats get covered in mud and water marks as I go hiking a lot). All you do is give the seats or carpet a really good dose of foam, so it is about 1-2cm thick, then leave it for five minutes. I use damp flannels to then rub the seats to remove the foam, and they clean up really well and it gets rid of all the water marks. It does leave the seats a bit damp, but if you put a towel on the drivers seat you can drive straight away.

Oh, don't forget it works really well on the doors too.
i use allsorts of stuff in one bucket clitbang grime cleaner, 1000-1 carpet cleaner and some tfr of all things just needs plenty of elbow greese if you leaving the seats in the car
Autoglym interior shampoo,is very good,just spray it on and give it a good rub with a clean cloth,you will see the muck coming off on the cloth,smells nice too.

"clitbang grime"
Wow, you must know some mucky girls!
Autosmart Biobrisk Lee.

GEt onto Detialing World and have a read about it
get some leather lee

remember my old cloth ones , the time and products i used on them things :eyesup:
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