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Clear/ orange indicators

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When did these change? My 52 plate LX has orange indicators at the back but ive seen some cars of a similar age with clear ones and with the same style of rear light so I think they were pre face lift ones.

just wondering mainly as I think they would look nice on my silver mondy :)
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Interchangable, Cheap ones on ebay but some are a poor fit.
Genuine ford ones are not that dear it seems.

i think there are 3 types, Orange, Frosted & Clear.
This is a rear light question, not side repeaters. :D

Prefacelift had orange indicator lenses. Facelift had uncoloured lenses, and the "final facelift" (around 55-plate) introduced the lights with stripes on the side.

The final facelift lights do not have reflectors within the cluster, so if you get those, you must also get a rear bumper valance with reflectors.
With the facelift lights there is 3 types :shocked:

The most common ones are the 1st which has clear lenes and the final(3rd) which look merc-ish with chrome trim at the bottom and you will need refectors to be road legal.

The other type (2nd) were only used for about 9 months with ford on production cars and this type can be only found on the TiTy X of that time (late 2004 to early 2005 models.)

These look like the 1st facelift model but with chrome trim at the bottom but these have the bulit in refectors.
oh dear, i have had final facelift lights(with chrome strips)for 6 months on my pre facelift mondy for 6 months now. and only yesturday did i have a copper following me. can you get the newer valance or do i need to get a new bumper. sorry if its of topic
You can replace the lower valance, there is two types of them, 1st is like what you have but with the refectors, the 2nd is used on the TiTy X's and is a more shaped part and is painted in the same body colour.

Unless you have the ST bummper and all you need to do is to change over the black inserts to ones which have the refectors
ah chers guys, i new it was simple lol, seems silly that they only used the first facelift ones, with the clear indicators for only about 9 months
sorry another silly question, did ford provide a silver bulb for the rear lights which have the clear indicator lens in them, or did they use an orange one. would my prefacelift car have an orange bulb or a white one? ill try and have a look tonight when the wife brings the car back lol
On the facelight units, you never see the bulb from the outside, but it's orange in colour.
52graphite said:
This is a rear light question, not side repeaters. :D
Oops, i knew that really, i was just testing.

:doh: :headshake: :doh: :headshake: :doh:
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