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clear sticky fluid.... eeek!

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just noticed small patch of fluid on floor. looked under the front and there was a drip about to drop. i touched it. it was clear and a little stickly. yep... i tasted it lol and it was a little sweet.

it was at the front more to the right than the centre, any ideas peeps? bit worried.
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That will be anti-freeze then, slight leak somewhere.
phew. not the head or water pump then. its running fine, no loss of power. cracked pipe maybe? will investigate in daylight,.
what is strange is that this mornning there was nothing on the drive. just a little drip underneath struggling to break free. i cant see where on earth its coming from. anyone know where the water pump is located? i'm thick you see.
gravely mistaken... reversed car out drive, .....
big patch of whatever is it was located more where the middle of the engine would have been. baffled.
Could be water pump gasket, or any of the hoses, dry everything off, run car, then have another look. as you look at engine, water pump to the right.
Leaky windscreen washer pump? Winter screenwash additive?

thanks again, will check tomorrow.
cant see anything, so its garage tomorrow to be ripped off.
clear sticky fluid
Your car cheated on you with another Mondy during the night.

It'll deny it of course, so you may have to contact Jeremy Kyle and ask for a lie detector test. :L
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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