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Click noise when turning at slow speed

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Can anybody help???
I have a 06 mk3 2.0 Tdci with 45K on the clock. I really love this car but so far my mondeo experience has not been plain sailing.
I am currently experiencing a click sound when i turn the wheel when iam manouvering at slow speed.
In the car the noise is not so great but outside you can hear it much louder. Its not cliking its just a single click and it doesnt happen all the time. The warrenty runs out in a 1000k, its already had a new Aux tensioner done under warranty and i have the feeling that the garage is not going to search to hard for this problem, so i would love to be pre armed.
I thick the this problem happens more when i turn left. The cruise control doesnt work , iam not sure if this is related or not.
I would love to know if any body has any ideas.

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Welcome to MEG.

This could be your CV joint. A CV joint will click if it is worn although the noise tends to repeat in this case.
If you drive forwards and back does it click once in each direction as you start to move on the middle or as you stop?
I have'nt tried that yet but i will give it a go.
In the car it sounds like a noise from the steering column, but i realise that noise travels
When mine had similar symptoms (click/crunch on slow moving turns) it was the strut top bearing on one side.
broken springs can also cause this noice, as well as the steering column being loose
Thats another possibility i will investigate .. cheers
The garage has promised to look at suspension, i just hope its all covered
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