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Climate Issue

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My climate is having issues and is being fixed as I type.

The heater seemed to overheat and blow hot air into the cabin when the unit was turned down, or even turned off. Intermittent problem, this didn't happen that often but annoying when it did.

Also found that when I turned my air con on the unit would blow piping hot air, even with the temp set to LO. After a few minutes it would cool to around normal temp but not go cold.

Anyway, taken it to the independant garage where I bought it. Just like to non starting issue I had, they are claiming to be able to solve this with a "software upgrade". (I had this donw with the non starting issue and it hasnt made any difference).

Thing is I heard them talking about a part I might need that costs over £400 - an I wonder whether he is "getting his mate from ford" as he keeps calling him to sort it on the cheap.

Any thoughts?
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