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CLOVER BOX INSURANCE is it good or bad

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HI ALL .Has any one seen or got clover box insurance were you only pay for the mileage that you do?.Thay say thay install a tracker in your car and if you do more miles you pay more and if you do less then you get a rebate .This is after initial premium out lay .
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To save everyone Googling

They must be new or a rebranding of something by one of the big insurers because I could only find one review online and it's not long term so no way to check on their promises of saving you money.

It looks interesting but at the end of the day how much is the premium even after any possible mileage discounts, there must be a minimum yearly cost for the box and tracking etc.
Seen a review on the TV different company though.

The rate for driving at night was terrible, Probably cheaper to use a taxi.

Wonder how many boxes do not get returned? Must be a market for modified boxes.
Administered by BDML who are a known company, they also administer Asda insurance along with others. Now sure how the whole thing works though and how easy it will be to get your money back...
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