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clutch change on mk2 monde?

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I'm new to all this but could do with some help.
I have a 1.8 mk2 mondeo lx. I jumped in this morning to go to work but couldn't engage a gear.
I need this car to run for only another two months but need it everyday.
I guess it's the clutch that's gone and would like to change it myself.
Firstly, it is the clutch isn't it?!
Idon't mind having a go at the work on the car, have done various things on it before, sump, track rods, hubs struts that kind of thing.
I can get a clutch kit for 69.82 and don't really want to pay the garage to fit it.
I've got access to a two post lift and tools etc.. and have a friend who has done more in depth work

Would like some advice on how to change it or any tricky bits.

Many Thanks!!
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Was the clutch slipping before it failed.?
My guess would be that it is the slave cylinder has failed, I had a similar problem with a Mk2 Verona I had a few years back, and although the clutch was on it's way, now at the point of slipping, it was the concentric slave cylinder that had failed.. Cost me £400 at Mr Clutch for the replacement and from what I hear it isn't a nice job to take on unless you are confident..
Thanks for the reply.

It was a bit difficult to get into 2nd when cold but i've read this is more of a oil problem. It wasn't slipping as far as I could tell. I jumped in, pushed clutch pedal down but could still not get in gear.

Would I be able to change the cylinder withour doing the clutch.

I'm pretty confident at having a go and the car is worth as much as it is to be repaired by a garage. There's only one way to learn!
Changed the clutch on my TD estate about 6 months ago, not easy on the drive with one jack but all went well. The concentric slave cylinder is inside of the gearbox with the clutch, so if it needs changing then you may aswell do the lot. You can however bleed the system from outside so I would give that a go first, you can see the bleed nipple on top of the gearbox, it should have a black cap on it.

I will give bleeding it a go. do you think this has a chance of solving it?
I can't say for sure, but as it's the easiest thing you can do before you tear it down it's worth a shot. To be honest though, if the clutch is in good condition you should be able to get the gears in with the engine off, so this tells me that something else may be wrong. Let us know how you get on, and advice is available if needed :L
can u select gears with the engine off?
To be honest I'm not sure. I started it then tried to select reverse. I was in a rush to get to work so managed to get it back on drive(after it had rolled off. I left it there and haven't had a chance to look at it. I will try tonight. Do you think it will be the slave cylinder if I can select gears?
I can get it into gear with the engine off.

Think I'll get on it this weekend and give the slave cylinder a go!!
Do the clutch itself while you are there as well, be silly not to
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