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Clutch change

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Hi Guys have slight prob clutch needs replacing :annoyed: and I don't have the time to leave it at a garage to do as I need the car for work Monday morning, so going to do myself.I know it's PITA but need car on the road ASAP
The car is 2.0l petrol. I have the manual so just need any tips as to making the job easier :}
Having read the manual do I need any alignment tools other than the clutch tool? As i'm only moving the gearbox to the left of the engine rather than remove it completely.
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Clutch change is a pig of a job mate. I think its technically possible to do it without removing the engine/box, most garages drop the subframe to give better access. If you do that, technically you need alignment pins to refit, but in practice I think the tolerance is such that you can line it up by eye or using some sockets as guides.

I've not done the job myself and TBH its not something I'd recommend unless you're very handy with the spanners.
If you have a mr clutch handy near you take it there,thats where i took mine,they did it within 5 hours and it was quite cheap :L
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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