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Clutch/Flywheel Conversion

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Hi everyone hope all is well. Havent been on here for absoluteley ages had a little girl back in september last year so been a hectic 6 mths lol!
Just wondered if you can get a standard flywheel and clutch conversion for a 6 speed mondeo Zetec-S TDCI 130BHP as mine is on its last legs. If anyone could firstly advise me on whether they are available and then if they are give me an idea how much they would cost id really appreciate it. Anyways Better go for now See ya!
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Jack,Midland Car Spares in Wolverhampton sell them through Ebay for around £380. Congrats on your baby girl. Mik.
would get more help if you posted the correct section
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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