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i had my clutch replaced on my st220 a few months ago but the clutch just does not seem right the clutch shudders I can feel a wobble in first gear through the gear stick, and also at 30mph in 4th gear you can take it out of gear without the clutch being dis-engaged, also not much of a bite point you feel it pull up then before you know it your foot is off the peddle. what do you guys think ?
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Judder could be engine mounts (front or rear roll restrictor) or oil on the clutch plate caused by careless handling (greasy hands), by a leaking crank rear oil seal or clutch fluid on the plate due to a leaking slave cylinder. As for taking it out of gear without clutch, you can do that with any car in any gear if you pull the stick when there's no load on the box, i.e in between accelerate and over-run. The bite point on the clutch will sometimes be different on a new clutch although it shouldn't be near the floor.
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