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I am a big heavy guy, and I got in to my Mondeo Mk3 yesterday and when I sat down I heard a very loud twang, as though a spring snapped somewhere. Then whenever I went over potholes or bumps there would be a knocking noise under the car. So my local garage thinks it is a coil spring that has snapped, I agree. I am taking it in on Monday. But I wondered a couple of things in the meantime.....

1. Can I just have the 1 spring changed ?

2. Given I am very overweight and I drive alone is the new spring likely to break as easy or is it likely just wear and tear over the years ? I can't remember when it was last changed. I am just concerned it is likely to go again when I sit in it when the new one is on.

3. What is a good price I should pay them ? I don't think they would rip me off but good to be prepared for what the charge might be.


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1. While I am certainly not an expert, it is my understanding that both springs should be changed. One has now 'relaxed' over time, the new one will be stiff. I think they should both be the same. When hitting a pothole broke my front, spring, I had them both done.

2. Unlikely. If you have had the car X years an it has only happened now, then I would guess the new one will also be good for X years. I could also be that you had hit a pothole and the spring was fractured and would have snapped within five mins of driving, instead your weight caused it to snap fully.

3. Google the part number 1136501 (for my Mk3) or check for prices. I have just bought a pair of rears Sachs from Car Parts 4 Less, used the discount code and a £27 each. If you are planing to keep the car, depending on the milage, it is worth replacing the top strut mounts at the same time. They have to be removed to replace the spring, so fitting new is no extra work.

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Mine snapped during the winter, snow on the ground and I was waiting to turn into a carpark. Some old guy was
struggling to get his old Fiesta into that 12ft wide entrance...

Whilst stopped I turned the wheel to the right ready to pull in and I heard a twang. Only the top coil broke so it
still rode level and the spring was still firmly in place. The rubber strip on the bottom was partially hanging out
though so the spring must have jumped off its bottom seat when it snapped.
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