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Been having a look round the internet at springs
and coilover sets for the MK3.
Came across this Weitec brand and looked at
the GTN coilover kit.
What puzzles me is the very basic method of
rear spring adjustment.
You have a series of grooves which gives you the ride height,you place a circlip in the groove
and then the spring cup sits on that.
I know this kit is the cheapest one they sell
at £325,but i would expect a better method
of adjustment,the fronts use a different method
of adjustment all together.
Whats your veiw.


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The deerer kit u can adjust both sets the same as the front on that set if your thinking about that set dont bother. The manufacturers are having problems making them in germany so they wont be available unless you want to wait but they wouldnt specify any time and couldnt guarantee they would beable to get them at all they might decide to stop making them.

Thats the set i was looking at its a budget kit only real difference between the cheaper and the deerer kit is that adjistment on the rear of the cheaper kit as far as i can see. Good value for money but not available :(
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