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The engine (2004 Mondeo 2.0L TDCI, ~115k miles) has trouble cold starting which is getting worse. Even with a fully charged battery now, the engine often requires an additional battery pack to start. Once the engine has started (even briefly) there is no problem restarting it.


Battery voltage at 12.31 volts [pre start], and 14.52 volts [once started]
When the engine starts a cloud of white exhaust is present at the rear but clears quickly
Exhaust fumes are present in the engine bay for a short time after the engine starts; the fumes are in the region of the turbo
No ECU fault codes

Do the symptoms point towards anything obvious ?

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Battery Test. Battery/Alternator test...

Post the results below for each step of that test, dont skip any. Let us know where you took the measurement
and what with.

ie. meter at battery, lighter socket tester or dash diagnostics. The voltage will vary slightly.

I used to get that puff of white smoke on my 2004 MK3. Never did trace it and it caused no issues. It was just a small
puff though and easily missed if you were not looking in that location. It was not something that lasted many seconds
or longer just a tiny puff.
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