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Colour Matching

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Hi folks.

I want to buy an ST rear bumper for my Zetec S which is a silver metallic. Is there just one silver or a variation? I don't want to buy a bumper and find it's the wrong colour!

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I know of at least two different shades (could be more) which are Moondust Silver and also Machine Silver. Chances are there are more. But answer to your question is yes there are more than one.
Also there is a Stardust silver. All you need to do is get your paint code which is located on a plate on the drivers side b post.

Then check this paint code website to establish which silver you have.

Hope this helps

Moondust Silver wasnt used on the Mondeo, it was Stardust Silver. There is also Machine Silver, which is more grey/blue.

The easiest way is to type your reg no into Ford Etis, which gives you the name of the colour.

There are many variants of both colours, Machine has about 10 and Stardust has around 5 variants. Colour chips are needed to determine what was used on your car, or an experienced painter!
Thanks for the helpful replies guys! Much appreciated.
My bad, dont know where i got Moondust Silver from??? Was Stardust Silver i was thnking of and meant to say, Sorry.
Er... Wasn't Moondust Silver on the MK2 Mondeo?

I know for a fact that I've sprayed a bumper and part of a bonnet in Halfords 'Moondust Silver' on a MK2 Mondeo and the colour match was perfect! lol
Also, it's worth adding, you'll NEVER get a good colour match with bumpers in any of Fords paints, Silver is one of the hardest to match too... You'll see loads of original untouched silver Mondeos that looks like the bumpers had been replaced- they hadn't, just the paint process and the fact that plastic and metal cool at different rates effecting the drying times of the paints which slightly change the colour.
Moondust and Stardust are very similar and its possible to blend one into the other if your skilful, and depending on where it is that your painting! I know for certain the Mk3 is Stardust, not sure about the Mk2 as i never paint them these days.
its stardust on mondeos, for some reason ford used moondust on all the others but gave the mondeo its own.
Even if you have the exact same tin of paint that was used on the car you cannot garuntee a perfect match. I do it day in day out and I can paint a panel one day then the next day paint another with the exact same paint temperature etc but if the last coat is dryer or wetter than it was on the other panel the colour will be differnt. It all depends on how the 'flake' in mettalic lands.

Also with plastics and metals it is how the material reflects light, plastic absorbs it, best example is to look at a car under a yellow streetlight.
Get to your local motor factors and ask them if they can use their camera to match the colour, that is the best match you can get.
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