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Component questions

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Hi guys. Just bought a set of vibe components for my st200 and they've come with loads of top quality flat speaker wire. I was planning on amping them but originally was gonna just splice into the existing speaker wire behind the head unit with the wire from the amp but on seeing this decent cabling that's come with the speaker i'm considering feeding it straight through to the speakers from the amp. Just wondered if it's worth the hassle doing this or if I should stick to my original idea? If it is worth doing can anyone give me some good instructions on how to get the cable into the front doors from the footwells?
Another question is, is it ok to run 2 amps from one power cable? I've got a fused splitter for the power cable but wondered if there will be power issues??
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I went through the hassle of upgrading the speaker wire in the doors in my old Cavalier, but it wasn't really worth it. Far more hassle than benefit.

It depends on how powerful the amps are and thick the power cable is really. I'd be quite happy to run two small amps off a decent 4AWG cable. Also, an amp powering a sub will usually draw more current than an amp that's only powering components.
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