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I recently purchased a 1.8 tdci connect

When I bought it when it reached normal temperature it would smoke and stutter/ hold back between 2000 and 3000 rpm,

So I did a service oil and all filters including diesel treatment all was fine but problem still persisted.

I then thought turbo or EGR problem so I changed these with bolts snapping everywhere I eventually stripped them out and replaced but to be honest both items seemed fine the cat was sooted up really bad so I cleared as much as I could out of this and rebuilt it all, all seemed slightly better for a couple of days then same again problem came back.

So now I thought injector problem changed my injectors fitted new copper seals van started for 5 mins really rough then cut out and would not start up again.after checking for a full day decided to take injectors out and re check I noticed the new copper seals were twice as thick as the old ones so I put old ones back in then it started straight up.

It ran for half an hour all be it leeking diesel somewhere but I turned it off and guess what it would not start again

I have looked where the diesel leek is coming from but cant see need to start it again to watch for it as I think that's where the problem lies.

After reading loads of reviews on here am I right in thinking its more than likely air causing issues as it sounded fine when it was running and am hoping it isn't going to cost me much more.
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