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Coolant pump failed?

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Hi, my car is Mondeo TDDI MK3. A month or two ago, the temperature gauge began showing about a quarter - half way to normal operating temp. I took it to my local garage who said it is fine but I am sure it isn't right as interior took longer to warm up from starting. Gauge goes to near normal temp when going uphill or pushed hard.

I left it aside until now because there seemed nothing wrong with it but yesterday while driving, there was a slight smell coming into car as if my engine coolant was over-heating so I stopped and looked under the bonnet, I noticed the coolant pipes/tank are cold so I thought it can't be right. There is liquid in it.

So could it be coolant pump failed?
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No, will be thermostat.
Ok is it called coolant thermostat?

I shall get one.

located in the thermostat housing
not sure what else you'll need, possibly gaskets etc, but you may need to change the coolant as well while you are at it, but if you don't, make sure you know which coolant you've got in it as there are 2 types and they don't mix
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