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I have Ford Mondeo TDCI year 2006. Last summer the coolant level was bellow full so I added 0,5 liter water to it. Now it is again bellow full, but I don‘t want to add water to it again without mixing it with coolant. The problem is I don‘t know what coolant to use. The coolant that is on the motor is red and in the manual it says “Use motorcraft superplus antifreeze“ that I can‘t find anywhere. I have a bottle of coolant in my garage that say‘s “Red 1,2-ethandiol“ Is it okay to use that?
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Just ring your local Ford dealer and ask them what they recommend. IIRC the new coolant is clear anyway, not red anymore.
Your red might be okay but not necessarily, probably not if it doesn't mention OAT. (You shouldn't mix the wrong type). The Ford spec standard is WSS-M97B44-D, and in my experience that can be found referenced on the label of anti-freeze concentrates along with other manufacturers' standards, so just look for it (###-A is wrong).

The Ford spec is for OAT long life, which is red, although I think the stuff Ford sell now is purple. The right spec from a retailer will probably still be red, but you shouldn't just get any old red - Toyota do a red long life coolant for example which is not the same. Research Organic Acid Technology if you're interested.

Yours is probably from-new coolant being a 2006 car but if you think it's been changed in the past and don't trust the person responsible then it might pay to flush the system and re-fill with what you know for sure is the right mixture.
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