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Cooling Fan Mind Of its Own?

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My new '01 Mondeo, as well as having subframe bushes that need doing, has got a really weird cooling fan issue.

I can run the car up and take it round the corner, by the time I get 3/4 of a mile away the temp is showing on the needle. But when I pull in I notice the rad fan running. Even Though its only say a 3rd up the guage.

However, if I take it for a 4 miles jaunt around town etc it NEVER goes above halfway by more than a fraction of a mil. (mm) ... and I can come home, sometimes that fan will be running, sometimes it wont. ..

Anyone know why this is?

As I said, the car NEVER overheats on the guage and shows no mechanical signs of running over hot ether. Since owning the car I've done about 250 miles (quite a bit in traffic) and its not blown up yet :) ..
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have you got AC? if so, on the left hand side of the engine bay just behind the headland is the AC pressure switch, unplug that and see if it does it again (i have the same issue.... that's how i stopped it, until i get the money to fix the Climate control!)
please see this topic i had the same issue turned out the mondeo uses the same fan for the aircon and front screen demisters

You guys rock.

There is a known AC Leak on this car. I got 200 off it to get it fixed.
Nice one lads.
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