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Cooling system

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Anyone know the route the coolant takes around the cooling system?

There is a hose above the thermostat which is thin (fastens to 1 of the 3 bolts on the imrc cover) and goes back to the upper nozzle on the coolant tank. When does the coolant run through that hose? Before norm temp, during norm temp, or during a specific condition?
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..this is a de-gas hose and works as it's name implies..
Ah excellent after 40 views and no replies I was waiting for you to come along Terry. So basically coolant never runs through that pipe.

Thanks for the info Terry.'s usually a mix of a bit of coolant but with some air.I don't think it will do waht you want for the visual effect of that mod etc..The two de-gas hoses are to stop air locks/bubbles in the main cooling system..
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