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Couple of questions for a electrical dumbass!!

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Just "aquired" (not nicked!!) a 2000w sub with a amp attatched to it and wired to the speakers. Do I need a full wiring kit for this or can I get a power, earth etc seperate?? Plus do I need 2000w cables??

On another note i've just bought a double din touchscreen head unit.

1. I did have a Sony 6cd, any suggestions on a loom to connect?? I found this one.

2. Will I need a facia adaptor. Like this?

3. Before I removed my Sony I found out that they go in at a sideways angle, yet when I removed it it was straight. Will the cage supplied with the new 2DIN head unit fit into this space? I dont mind a little cutting if necessery.

Cheers guys...
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you would need a Amp wireing kit for 2000w amps

the kit should inc:

Fuse and Holder
1m Earth wire 8awg
5m Live Wire 8awg
5m Remote wire 16awg
5m RCA Lead L/R
about 8 fitting plugs
& tie wraps
and may be some 14awg Speaker wire ( for Normal Speakers not Sub )

this kit should alowe u to fit the Sub/Amp to your Headunit

u will need to route the main power and RCA/Remote down the sides of the car ( Power on N/S ) RCA on O/S
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the ISO adaptor is Correct
the facia Plate looks right but i havent fitted that one before
8awg aint gonna be enough for an amp rated at 2000w. Id be looking for 4awg minimum

My D class mono sub amp is rated to 1000w at 1ohm and im running an 0awg kit.
Cheers guys but AWG?? Last time i fitted an amp they were guaged by Watts???
What about wiring kits that are 2000w and 8 AWG?
8awg is ok ... remember his Amp will be 2000watt Peak PMPO ... about 600watts RMS

your mono block class D 1ohm diffrent all together

May be a 4awg would be better anywyas

American Wire Gauge
all the car wiring kits are rated/sized as its the thickness of the wire basicly
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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