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Creaking Drivers Seat

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Hi all.

I have a 14 month old tit x sport which has developed a very annoying creak in the drivers seat which the wonderful people at my dealers were unable to find when the car was in for its service. Probably because the sound of the creacking centre console was drowning it out :}
They actually sorted that problem so now i am left with the seat issue which is now driving me mad.
My question is will the seat issue still be covered by my warranty as i know they like to try to worm out of a lot after the 1st year. I really need to get this sorted as its spoiling an otherwise good car.


John :driving:
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I had a creaking seat in my MK3. The solution was to grease the seat rails, and any other moving bit could get to while the seat trim was off. This cured it, but it was pig of a job!
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