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Crossthreaded sump plug

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Had my 130PS 2.0TD Ghia X serviced today. Three years old and all of 17,000 on the clock. Got a call from the garage to say that when they took the sump plug out to change the oil they discovered it had been crossthreaded at its last service (which was at my local Dagenham Motors a year ago), and would I therefore like them to fit a replacement sump for £231, as it apparently wasn't possible to repair it? :angryfire:

I declined their kind offer, and they completed the service, and wound the sump plug back in with some silicone mastic around it to (hopefully) stop any leaks. I understand that the sump is aluminium and the plugs are steel, and that this is apparently quite a regular occurence. I know if I go back to Dagenham Motors they'll deny they crossthreaded it at last year's service, and for all I know it might have been the garage I used today, who are trying to put the blame on someone else.

Anyway, what can I do if/when it starts leaking? Can I put some ptf tape around the thread? Can I have a helicoil inserted? I really don't want to have to splash out on a replacement sump, especially as I think fitting involves removing the flywheel, etc.

Grateful for suggestions.

Many thanks

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2nd hand Sump
New Sump
or could get it bodged
drilled and re tapped for bigger bolt
Helicoil the thred is another option

the bolt its self should have a Seal on it may be just a washer type if ... but if its been cros thredded befor i would of thought it be leaking befor service ?
Thanks - yeah, I would have thought it would have been alreading leaking had it been crossthreaded a year ago. I reckon the garage I went to today did the damage, but thought they'd blame someone else. Shan't be using them again!

Just get it helicoiled it does not cost much to do and with the steel thread its better than original.
Agree with others...get it helicoiled.......or as a last resort dose the plug in loctite. Can't believe that their first response was a new sump, after all as aluminium sumps become ever more popular so to is the problem of crossed threads in the sump plug.
Cant it simply be re-tapped with the correct thread?
Fords done this to my dads mondeo when he had to get it serviced for the warranty. they must use a air gun or put to much force on the rachet
I'd get the sump off asap to check that the silicon isnt getting into the oil pickup pipe!

Any machine shop/engineer/toolmaker establishment should be able to repair the thread or enlarge and re-thread the hole for a bigger bolt.
Sumps are steel on the TDCi,I think they are aluminium on the petrols.I replaced mine last year using a secondhand one,only took me and my mate an hour to do,just make sure the faces are clean and then use instant gasket not the expensive stuff Ford use. Mik.
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