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Cruise control from Diesel to Petrol

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I have decided to go for the orginal cruise control for my mondeo 04 petrol.

I can see that I have the plug ready in the engineroom for the cruise control, so it should be easy ;-)

One question before I order used parts...
- Does the cruise control from a diesel mondeo 2005 fit into my mondeo petrol 2004 ??

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the only parts from a diesel you can use are as follows.

pedal switchs ( 2 brake & one clutch )
cruise control buttons/airbag
dashboard wiring from the fusebox to the airbag buttons.
also its possible to use the pedals mini-loom, well bits iof it anyway on your car to make the pedal switch's work but you cant just unplug & plug into your car as the 2 will be very different :(

after that the final bit(s) are needed from a petrol ( any for the module bracket ) & the same engine type as yours for the module & cable ( so 4 pot petrol, 2.5V6, 3.0V6 etc the modules all differ if memory serves in both programming & cable lengths )
Sorry for asking compuwiz_uk

I am almost ready to install my cruise control, but need the last pices to get started.

One thing confuses me though, and that is the switches located on the clutch and break.
In my Mondeo 2004, I can see a free plug(with 4 connectores) hanging.

The loom connected to the clutch and breake switches have 3 plugs. One plug goes to the switch on the break and one goes to the switch clutch and one is not connected to any switch......

My Q to this:
- Do I need to buy new loom or am I so lucky that the wiring is prepared and I only need to plug my newly gotten "cruise control" switch. ??

Thank you very much compuwiz_uk for all your help.

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if you have a spare plug hanging just above the current brake pedal switch then all you will need to do is swap out the clutch switch ( current one will be red & brown, you need an all red one for proper cruise function ) & then the extra brake switch connected to the spare connection. ( consider yourself lucky too as your upgrade should be easier as it sounds like your cars already pre-wired :D )
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