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Done some of my own investigation work on curing dreaded wiper judder!!

I tried new blades, still wiper judder.

Put simply the wiper blades in most cases are pushing too hard down on the screen.

THE FIX ---- Bend the steel arm that connects to the wiper blade up about half an inch to reduce pressure ----

Try it in small increments to avoid damage but it worked perfect for me.

Hope this helps someone.
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yeah flat blades search ebay for bosch flat blades i got them on my car damn good
Agreed.....cant get any quieter then flat blades.
Keep the blade clean,wipe with vinegar,gets the muck off that you can't see,and helps with a smoother sweep. :L
keep em clean , and loads of glass cleaner on glass too

have the flat ford ones cost silly money, but just glide across the windscreen
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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