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Cutting out and Lumpy Tick over

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Just recently my Mondeo has taken to having lumpy tick over and more often than not will cut out when stationary. It will always re-start first time though.

Only seems to do it when starting from warm ie after it has been left for 20 minutes or so.

Can’t see or hear any leaks in the pipe work. Any suggestions anyone?
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I'd hazard a guess at the MAF being faulty mate.. With the engine warmed up to temp, disconnect the connector and see if that improves things, if so then you know that's where your fault is.. Try cleaning it with come electrical contact spray or similar, or if you have to replace..
Fingers crossed for ya..
Did you fix this mate? Got pretty much the same thing.
No sure tbh. After the comment above, I pulled the air box off along with the MAF. Didn't see anything obvious and put it all back together.

The only thing I did notice was that the large bellows that goes between the air box and throttle body was not fitted correctly at the throttle body end, probably after I changed it a while ago because the old one had split. I also thightened up any other jubilee clips I could find on the induction side.

It seems to be running ok at present - but I haven't driven it much latley to test it.

If it continues I'll invest in a cheep fault code reader and see if that throws any light on the matter.
Ok in case you haven't seen my thread, mine is doing the same except it's not cutting out. Runs sweet from cold, and even when up to temp it's generally ok with only the odd hiccup. It's only when it's been turned off hot then started up again about 20 mins later or so that it runs like a dog. It's definitely a cylinder down for a while, then it tends to improve after a bit of driving.

Hopefully it'll be ok for you :L
ok theq.just read the post and thinking if it olny acts up when you turn off and try restart ..i once had this prob with a passat perrol and it turned out to be a faulty temp sender unit .u see when you turn off the engine and its hot for about five mins. the temperature of the block reaches much higher that normal as in when the engine is running with the pump pumping coolent and the fan standing by .and in that first few miins after switch off my sender unit was somehoow staying at high so when i tried to restart she was regestering the wrong fuel requirement to the engine hence the the rough idle.s
The thought did cross my mind that a temperature sensor could be a possibility. I'll see how much a new one is from Uncle Henry’s mob. If it’s cheap enough I might just get one and fit it.
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