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hi all
Has anyone ever tried repairing curbing damage on alloy wheels.Got a set of Dezent 17" alloys on my mk2,and have been seriously curbed over the last couple of years (shite at judging curbs) was thinking of a "Dremel" type of tool with a grinding stone atached to smooth the edges then a good sanding whith some abrasive pads,and a nice coat of alloy wheel spray.I`ve seen some repair kits with some sort of filler/build up paint but dont know if any good. Any advice guy`s T.I.A
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I just used P38 body filler to fill the dents in mine, worked great! It's easy to sand.

Next use a primer, I used a zinc one as it's what the motor shop had. Then your colour (couple of coats at least), then lacquer (again, couple of coats minimum).

I left it at that and they looked great but get damaged more easily than factory. With this in mind I'd think about looking into yet more lacquer and additional products like wax or something to protect them for longer.

Wow, nice guide!
Cheers guys,very helpful again as usual :L
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