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dash bulbs. which ones?

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both the bulb behind my outside temp gauge and milometer have stopped working. i have been to ford and they cant tell me which size bulbs i will need, its a choice of 2...a small 1 with a grey holder or a large 1 in a white holder.anyone know ?? :sad:
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small grey holder & ford are useless if they dont know :} ( they should know, they built the thing after all :) )

also instead of paying ford prices your best off buying somat like these ( same bulbs but no holder as that old bulb can be removed from the holder & replaced but ford only sell the bulb with the holder )

thats the type of bulb in the mileage & temp LCD panels
the dealer is not going to oblige anyone with info on their product so the buyer can purchase the product elswhere .the bulbs come in holders becuse the holders wear or clampfitfrom new and the price difference between buying a seperrate bulb eleswhere and buying the bulb and plastic holder off ford is negligible anyway.s
have you asked the dealer about the price of the bulbs in question :whistling:

last time i checked they wanted £2ish for a bulb & holder for the LCD panel, i then went & paid about 30p for just the bulb on my way home from the dealers so to me thats a rather big difference for something so small & prone to failure & the ebay link also shows that too as its £2.50 ish for 10 bulbs :L

the holders themselves are very re-useable ( i have re-used mine often through various mods to the cluster etc & so far still not needed to replace them but eventually they will give up but thats a long way off yet :)
286 bulbs , you dont need the holders; the bulbs pull out.. halfords do them if you get stuck.
thanks for that, much appreciated. :content:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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