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Dashboard Cluster Failure

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Hi - can anyone help please? We have an 03 2.0 tdci but the dashboard facia dials (speedo, rev counter, temp and fuel) intermitently die on us. The dials seem to swing from no reading to the highest for no apparent reason. There appears to be no other problem (other than we cant see how fast we are going!). It appears to rectify itself when the engine is restarted.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem and any idea what might be causing it and more importantly how to fix it.

Appreciate any help
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Hi I had the exact same problem on my focus. Eventually it stopped working completely. Got a cluster from scrap yard for about £20 but had to pay about £60 - £70 to have the milage changed as the new cluster had 75000 and my focus had only done 47000
I'm sure someone will know exactly what this problem is and how to cure it, but it sounds to me like a short circuit somewhere in the cluster wiring.
I would check all the wiring with a multi meter. Unfortunately it's one of those problems thats only going to be easy to find the problem when it packs up altogether.
Oddly enough I have heard of a similar fault that was caused by loads of keys on the ignition key ring .......admittedly it wasn't a mondeo but just a thought.
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