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Dashboard lights

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Hi guys need some help just bought a mk1 2.0l and the dashlight bulbs and clock bulbs etc don't work the fuse was blown so changed fuse twice but as soon as you turn lights on it blows a fuse. anyone got any ideas would be much appreciated
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before they blow are they all standard colours if they light up for you to see them long enough?

Maybe someone had a go faffing bout changing the led's and made a bodge of em?
They are standard colours but the fuse goes instantly.
check for obvious signs of bare wires shorting out against each other or the bodywork.
it maybe a faulty switch, i'm pretty sure i've read of a similar problem on here in the past.
Check the circuit board on the back of the clocks. The tracks on these are quite flimsy and somebody might have bodged a repair and caused a short.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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