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Dashborad Bulb blown

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Hi i need to replace one of my dashbored bulbs i have removed the one that has blown it looks like a halgon bulb to me on it says VCH C1 14v 3w any one were i can find a replacement bulb i can't find them online anywere

Thanks for the help
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Hi. Put this in Mk3 Electrical in future.

If it's one of the big ones in the white holder, it's a 504 type - like 501 sidelight bulbs, but 3W instead of 5W. Don't put a 5W in it. You have been warned.

If it's the little one out of the grey holders, it's a 286 type as found in your cigarette lighter.
Hi Thanks

Sorry just noticed i posted it in the wrong place appolagies i shall make i sure i look for a 3v as it has come out of one of the larger holders that lights the petrol gauge

Great. Hope you find one OK. Note it's 3W (watts) not 3V (volts).

Halfords do them for £1.69 each if you can't be bothered for find anywhere cheaper. I'd be tempted to replace all the 504s and 286s in one go whilst it's apart.
oh yer sorry can i ask why 3w not 5w ?
Because 3W is bright enough; and 5W will allegedly burn out circuit board tracks and/or overheat in such an enclosed space.
Been searching the net and found loads thanks for the help

Do u know if i can get them in diffrent colours or just clear?
Get some leds from ebay. I replaced all my bulbs with leds and the dash is nice and bright now. The added bonus is the leds are lower power about 1 watt for the big bulbs. Easy job to do it took me about 45 mins maximum from start to finish and that included faffing about with the bulbs that needed turning around.

Unless you want to take the instrument panel apart then stick with clear/white bulbs. There are green filters built into the display :(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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