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Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the badges off the rear of the car?
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i used a filler scrapper, the flatthing for bodge, then a little white spirit on the backing then a good polish when its off, ryton, north east ryton near sunderland
As mentioned by Pault use something that is not going to dig into your paintwork. Ive always prefered to heat up the badge to soften up the sticky pad first then use a(OLD)credit card . Once it has all come off use a drop of T-Cut if you do end up getting any residue left on the bodywork.
Just dont do what my mate did years ago, he used a small flat screwdiver and a bit of cloth to cover the blade head-still manaaged to leave a nasty mark in the paint. :nono:
Thanks, Ill give it a go this weekend, depending on the weather! :eek:fftopic: Ryton is closer to Newcastle, Im not sure if there is another Ryton near Sunderland. Im suprised youve heard of it, not many people have!
I have always found that lighter fluid works the best to dissolve the glue (the hair dryer idea is good too, but I have visions of a fire ball if both are used :} :annoyed: )

I suggest lighter fluid rather than glue/sticky stuff remover, as they are actually the very same product, but is sold much cheaper when branded as lighter fuel!
Also have a Ryton in Coventry too :banana: !
Tried to do it this weekend but it pished down the whole time, gutted :headshake:
hi.. :) you can also use fishing line to "saw" through the adhesive...? :idea:
rgds stu
i think this way works best, friend of mine did this to his cougar and it came it out fine with a bit of T Cut.
Dental floss ;)
Will agree the fishing line idea would be a good way to try, happened to notice that idea in the Haynes manual the other day and thought it sounded a good idea.
I pulled mine off with my bare hands, then used a variety of solvents to lose the glue. A good polish, and the job's a good'un.
hairdryer to heat up the glue and just pull off, then use white spirit to get the crap off, then wash the car to get rid of white spirit.
I decided on the fishing line technique, worked a treat. Will give it a good clean this weekend to get the last remaining bits of glue off. Thanks for the responses :)
A heat gun on a low setting? Its what we use at work to remove labels and badges from computers & laptops... then some sticky stuff remover? Thats what I used last time I wanted some badges off, but that was a few years since.
I used dental floss to remove them but tbh it is vicious stuff and just as likely to remove fingers! I bought some label remover from CPC and that took the residue off a treat.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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