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de-cat or cat

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i have the tdci 130 6sp seen these de-cat pipes on ebay i put one on my foci and noticed the improvment instantly but is it worth doing on the mondeo?
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Yes iv just done mine. Made a massive difference. The turbo spools up faster giving faster acceleration and you can hear the turbo whistle. Well worth doing mate
superb is the cat seperate so it is just a bolt off bolt on or do i need a new exhaust to go with it?
Just a bolt on mod mate, theres a guy on here selling them at £71 that are a perfect fit(better then ebay) il just find his name.

thats him. He's on hols and said to contact him in april.
Yes as said it's a bolt off bolt on mod. It's easy enough to do. The hardest part is getting the cat out after unbolting it. It's a tight fit at the back of the engine but with a bit of twisting and wiggling it will come out
cool sounds spot on will be my next purchase
is there any need for gaskets and/or sealer at the joints?
just looked through his listings for sale might even go all the way and buy the exhuast too
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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