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Deleted Thread ?

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How did it break site rules ?

The thread in question was regarding mpg on a full tank ?

Please explain.
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It wasnt deleted, I moved it.

The reason why i moved it was because It had gone way off topic and degenerated into personal attacks on other forum members. Simple.
Hmm, fair enough. Where did you move it to mate?

I felt I was expressing how I felt about the engine and my car in particlular, however there are always fan boys on these type of forums that dont like people expressing opinions that differ from theirs.

I felt the chap in question perfectly demonstrated my point above by his permamnent sig.

On another note, a kind member made me aware that my crap mpg may have something to do with lamdas ? This is useful info which I wanted to explore further due to my lack of knowlegde of this engine.
I moved it to the 'Moved Section' which is where we put all the moved posts, which only mods/admin have access to.

Start another post, detailing your poor performance and ask for some info on the lamdas.

For info, they have 3 sensors, though i think the 220 might have 4. There is one in each down pipe where the precats are, these do the metering which the ecu uses to alter the fuelling. The other one is in the cat under where the gear selector is roughly but as i think the 220 has 2 cats down here, there may be 2. All these do is monitor, the ecu doesnt use these to alter fuelling.

Hope this is of some use.
Yes it does help Ben,

My car is going back to Fords on Tuesday so I can get them to check it out.

Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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