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Denso navigation dvd

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Hello everybody, overcome the main problem, I now asked if you know what the ultimate dvd navigation Deso he left would be to 2009-2010? those that are on sale eg. on ebay are trustworthy?
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2009-2010 is the latest disc although we have no idea how much difference there is to this and the 2008-2009 disc. Don't forget the Jaguar mapping disc will work with your system too.
Hello, I have to get one newer than mine that is 2005-2006, and is already outdated, and by chance I have seen the sale of Jaguar and Rover, was afraid of was the drive not read them.
Not sure about Rover but the Jaguar 2009-2010 mapping disc definitely works with the Ford system. Make sure it is the correct part number or alternatively visit this place for the latest discs.
Good staff, one more question that I can clarify what is needed to activate or pair a Nokia phone with the system of Denso. is it possible?
you all
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I didn't think it was a bluetooth job, isn't it just a mute?
The button will only work the bluetooth if a bluetooth module is fitted.
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