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Denso Sat Nav Aerial

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Hi All

I'm getting a new sat nav aerial. Does anyone know how to stop these failing in future? Is the problem water ingress? Can they be waterproofed?

Thanks in advance.
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You mean there is no gps signal?
Is it just the satnav or the radio also doesn't work?
I would hope the newer versions that you will buy from the Ford dealer will be of a better design to prevent such water ingress. Certainly not had any problems with my 2006 Focus GPS aerial.
Hi, yes no satellites, everything else ok. New aerial and now all is well.

I hope you're right about an improved design. To help things along, I've seated it on some silicon sealant - I don't think it can't hurt. I guess I'll find out in the long run.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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