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Denso SatNav and Iphone 3GS

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Hi All,

Quick question if I may, how can i use my iphone 3gs with my Denso Satnav / phone unit ?

I seem to have a cradle in my car but obviously for an old crappy phone.

How have you guys integrated your iphones ?
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Has nobody integrated an iphone to their car ? I cant beleive that ?!!!!??!
i was wondering the same as i have got a denso sat nav with a phone cradle for a old nokia in mine and wonderd if you can get other phones to work with it?
I thought all the denso unit's had bluetooth?
i cant find it on mine at all unless i am looking in the wrong place
Nope I cant see it either - my car is an ST220 05 - I dont think bluetooth was that prevelant back then as it is today. Ive got a phone button above the satnav if that helps ?
Any1 - I need to get integrated man !
As far as i know you need to fit an optional bluetooth module for making the denso system bluetooth enabled. The phone button you see is for fitted phones only and to mute radio/music if on a call.

I have mine not integrated but as a 'hands free' option I run it over the Aux. It depends where you have the phone holder and the model, if the bottom of the phone is not obstructed the phone's microphone is pretty good just need to talk a little louder.
Apprecaite the response buddy, that is what I have now except that I dont have a holder.

I was more interested in using what the car had already - this bluetooth module sounds interesting - anyone mopre info ect part number or experince in fitting one?
Sorry what i meant is i just use the aux connection whitout any other tech
You can use modules from any Ford, as long as they are RX 1C units.

They can be integrated into the system quite easliy with a patch loom from ford that retails about £40.

After that it needs a session on IDS to clear the software and reinstall to mondeo. (only if the module has come from another Ford).

There is a listing in the Wiki on the various modules available.

I can program for less than Ford :L
Aye the Ford bluetooth module is manufactured by Nokia. It was launched around the same time as the Mk2 Mondeo (2005 ish). Obviously it works pretty much faultlessly with Nokia's but has had some issues with other manufacturers (I had loads of issues with Sony Ericsson) but I think newer handsets are ok. With bluetooth connection you get use of the Phone button, which displays a phone keypad with start/end call button.

The bluetooth module also adds voice control to the main denso controls such as temperature, audio and satnav (this is particularly useful if you still have the speed lock enabled). You can also make calls using voice ontrol (e.g. voice call a person in the satnav phone book, voice call mobile phone book entry and even read out a brand new number to dial).

Unlike phones connected using the optional cradle system, which Ford no longer support for newer handsets, you cannot view texts or directly access the mobile's phonebook but this is a small price to pay for a handy add on. Definitely worth hunting down a module.
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Where can I get one of these modules buddy ? Also arethey plug and play or require some loom hacking ?
It "should" be plug and play but you will need to get the right one for your car. Best thing to do is visit your dealer and try and get the FINIS number of the part that would have been fitted when your car was built as this module has changed. Not sure where you can get one from. I guess a scrap merchant, ebay or worst case, a new one from the dealer.

After fitting you may need your dealer to update your system to tell it, it is there but hopefully as you have the cradle system fitted, it will hopefully be a straight swap.
my 3gs hooks up fine with the sat nav :)
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