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Hi all,

Has anyone else with the Mk3 Mondeo (or other Fords) fitted with the Denso touch screen satnav system noticed that the RDS-TMC function has been failing to lock onto a radio station in the last few days? I think I have had a problem for a few days now but not sure when it started. When I enter the TMC menu, it confirms that it is just searching but does not lock onto any station.

We have two stations that transmit TMC data in the Midlands: Classic FM and Heart FM. I can listen to both stations from a music perspective so guess the FM aerial is fine but the TMC function fails to receive data. The satnav disc I am using is the 2011/2012, which was the last disc ever released for this system. I wonder if the certificate for the TMC licence has expired?

Has anyone else with the Denso system noticed this problem?
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