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Deo owner form Chesterfield

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Hi there, I signed up ages ago on here but have only just found my password etc.

I'm from Chesterfield and own a MK1 and MK3 mondeos
The MK1 is low and white with full RS kit and OZ wheels, scorpion exhaust and tinted lights all round.
The MK3 is sat on back garden with no engine waitin in a queue of cars to get sorted, gonna put a V6 in her and widen the archs, inspired by the german V8 race car.

Any other members near Chesterfield or am I all alone here!
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hi i am in chesterfield area,is your mk1 matts old car. :L
yeah it is bud, I used to work for him.

Do you come onto industrial Estate on storforth lane much? think I recognise your car from photos i seen
yeah my uncle owns bedding place,and have seen yer car in clay cross too. :content: also rousie(dean) is my cousin. :L think you live near cop shop and we live on angel.
thought i'd seen it up there,
yeah I live on Thanet Street up from welly.
Is there many others round here then bud?
Hello, and welcome to MEG. :)

Think I changed a head gasket on a mk1 in Chesterfield... a billion years ago. :thumb:


I am in Chessie (North Wingfield) and just bought my first Mondeo in the last week and joined the forum today.

54 Mondeo Mk3 3.0V6 Zetec S

Not sure on colour name - its maroon red
All the standard stuff inclusing Xenon's, Half leather and the Sony 6CD Factory Upgrade kit
2 owner and 60K FSH
She is 100% even has all wheels recently refurbed , so not bubbling
£3.5K , so think I did well ???

I dont seem to see many 3.0 Zetec S for sale it always seems to be the ST220's

My only slight grips after stepping out of automatic BMW's for the last couple of years is the cluth is a little fierce and easy to stall.

Think of getting the Superchips Bluefin bolt on to get up to ST220 power.
Not wanting to do anything too radical as I do about 20K per year and am no 'boy racer'

What other mod's do you recommend ??

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Tubular headers/manifolds will give the biggest gain on your 3.0, see


Do you ever drive into Sheffield? Reason I ask is I've seen a very low-slung white mk1 with good bodywork and I think some quite severe mods to the bonnet and maybe the boot too. Could that've been yours?? I saw it on Abbeydale Road near Tesco a couple of times.

no bud not drove to sheff in ages, no mods to bonnet either but i think i may have seen the one you talking bout couple weeks ago, was in sheff picking a car yup.

Just fetched a V6 for the MK3 today, its lost compression on front bank, 88k on it ex police engine. Paid £30 for it
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