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differences from V6 to zetec coolant tank?

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i'm thinking of getting one of these after one of my custom alloy header tanks developed a crack on the weld:

but, i seem to remember discussion about these years ago that the v6 and zetec header tanks are different, i.e. have different amount or size of pipes going into them? or i may have dreamt it :}

the zetec tank has 2 on the front of the tank, what does the v6 have?
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They look identical but have different part numbers so not sure! I've definately used a MK2 V6 header tank on a 4 pot with no problems and a MK2 tank on a MK1 when I retrofitted AWS with no problems so I tend to think they are all compatible but not 100%

all i know is that the v6 tanks have 2 little pipes coming out at the front, wheras other models can have either 1 or 2. :)
cant you just get your tanked repaired percy
Nice one it should fit then, i think its the 1.8TD which is different then.
I see that ebay seller also does the cougar/contour alloy pas tank approx 100 dollars shipped
Ah it might be the diesel one that you are thinking is different, I've never had no experience of these, whereas as said above i'm pretty sure all the petrol engined ones are exchangeable.

Now i come to think of it there was a guy on here who had an alloy tank made, modelled on a diesel tank and it was different so wouldnt fit.
I should be safe with the weapon-R tank then.
Did you get one in the end Percy?

Would be interested in seeing a pic of it fitted :L
not yet, i already have an alloy tanks on both my mk1's if you look in my car diaries you can see the pics :L
i have them because my motors are running higher power, boost etc and have high engine bay temps (on my turbo motor it cracked the plastic one, but now have cracked an alloy one aswell hence i wanted the stronger Weapon-R tank)

they are generally stronger and theoretically can take alot more welly!

also if you have a cool engine bay "look" going on, the plaggy ones can look a bit lame and out of place (especially if its gone yellow)
percybigun said:
not yet, i already have an alloy tanks on both my mk1's if you look in my car diaries you can see the pics :L
just curious to see what it looked like fitted :D
Like then one that DaveyH has but the seller has put the price up now.
whose selling the ones like davey_h's?
Did a search on e-bay, and found the seller.
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