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Disable Alarm?

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Ok, so the alarm has been going off all weekend pretty much. I'm almost certain its the bonnet sensor as its only started happening since I've been messing around under there this weekend and has never done it before.

Anyway, thought I was being clever by unplugging the alarm fuse (F67?) and great, no alarm all day!? unfortunately I realised when I got back to the car that this fuse also appears to run the immobiliser as I couldn't even turn the engine over - or did I just take the wrong fuse out?

Anyway, what's the best way of disabling the alarm, but keeping double locking etc?


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id just unplug the siren in the boot area
You just need to unplug the bonnet sensor then bridge the plug from the cars loom with a piece of wire across the two contacts, that way you take the bonnet sensor out of the alarm system circuit but fool it into thinking the bonnet switch is ok so all the other alarm functions will still work and allow you to double lock the car, mines been like this for months (i will get a new bonnet switch one day!) with no problems.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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