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Disgusting EGR valve - job done!

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Decided at 4 oçlock (one it had stopped raining) to clean out the EGR and intake Manifold!! I was just going to do the MAF and then EGR but I saw the state of it:

94,000 miles of crud!

Absolutely rank! Put it back together and took it for a short spin and the hesitation/judder at 1800rpm was gone, but I will wait till tomorrow once the placebo affect has worn off (it felt quicker!) and when I have also done the MAF - which was supposed to be this afternoon's job!

edit: forgot to mention - the crud was a bit wet, almost oily and the left hand side intake port had collected most of this - should I be worried? Oil from turbo seals that are on the way out??
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Seems pretty normal, mine was about the same quantity and consistency after 84,000 miles.
Its normal, infact yours looks quite clean, compared to some :)
I am feeling rather left out! lol!
Did mine at 160k and was almost spotless! Must be something wrong with my car! Lol!
Never done before.
Hi, does the Tddi version have the same type of EGR valve fitted and is it in the samne place as others TDCi's.

Well that's ok then! Was a little concerned! It still amazes me that this needs to be done - has the design on the mkIV been improved?

Spotless?! Did you check that the valve actually worked :p

Haven't a clue about the TDDI, did you check the wikki?
TDDi's have the EGR at the back of the motor and are a pain to get to.... :angryfire:
Can you use Isopropl Alcohol as a cleaner?
Isopropyl Alcohol will be fine, its the basis for most cleaners of this type anyway.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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